Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years

Today is New Year's Eve but here at our house you would never know it. I spent the day cleaning up a bit, paid some bills and ran errands. And tomorrow will be a lot of the same.

We did celebrate a bit and went out to a local Mexican restaurant (thanks to my dad). The food was great and it was fun to go out. Ollie was pretty cute, he tried eating a lemon that came with my water and we had some fun with that (see attached video). He also insisted that he would feed himself and not let us help and made a giant mess. We got Ollie ready for bed wished him a good night and put him down at his normal time. My husband and I then looked at each other and said "now what?"

Usually we would be with my sisters and their families gathered at my oldest sister's house around a table eating treats and playing games. Most of the men would be upstairs watching a movie or some sports game and the kids would be running wild and getting into all sorts of mischief. I am sad that this year isn't the same for us, but hope they have fun.

We plan to have a low key night watching the new movies that we got for Christmas and enjoying the fact that Corey doesn't have to go to work tomorrow. Something that we do every year that we did this year was our New Years resolutions. I have never been good at keeping goals or sticking to a long term plan. I feel like I only make it through January or into February with my resolutions so this year one of mine is to keep them going till at least June (by then it will have become a habit, right?). Good luck to all of you with your New Years resolutions and I hope that it was a fun holiday for you all. 

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