Sunday, December 22, 2013

Church with Kids

Have you ever wondered why you go to church when you have kids? Are you getting anything out of it? Are the people around you annoyed with you and your kids? When I was younger I remember looking at all the kids in church being so loud and destractive and thinking "just take them out or take them home!" I think back on that and now know how big of a brat I was being.

It's so easy to say to yourself "it's okay if we don't go this week" or "he is so tired and needs his nap". Other times you go and half way through you are tired trying to keep your little rugrat entertained and keeping him quiet so you go home. Other times you find yourself walking the halls the whole time. Of course there are the good weeks when Oliver will just sit on our laps reading books or playing with his cars and you are reassured when he folds his arms when all the prayers are said.

So today being the Sunday before Christmas, we set out to go to church, looking forward to feeling more of the holiday spirit. We get there, sing our opening song, and Ollie folds his arms for the first prayer and we're thinking it's going to be a good day at church. But then another couple with their little girl walks in and sits right behind us, pulling out toys and all kinds of snacks, and Oliver wants to do the same with his toys and snacks. Then the sharing begins - she wanted his stuff and he wanted hers. They played well together mostly, but times they fought.

Done with the first class and on to the next. Oliver is too young to be with all the kids so he comes with us to the grownups class and by this time he is restless and getting ready for his nap. Trying to get him to sleep in our laps with his pacifier and blanket only works on the rarest occasions, and today was not one of those days. He started to get loud, so the walking of the halls began which then led to our decision to leave for home and miss the rest of church.

On Christmas day is our Ollie's 18 month mark and is the age when he can go to nursery to be with the kids at church so we hope this is the end of us wondering the halls, making our excuses and leaving church early. Well I guess we will have to start all over again when we have another... To the hope of nursery next Sunday!


  1. There was one Sunday when I was playing the organ and two-year-old ran up to see me, and my husband brought up the baby trying to chase the two-year-old and then the baby started crying and the two-year-old went running down the aisle and tripped and fell and hurt herself and started crying. And this was all during the sacrament prayer. Luckily, people are so nice to me in my ward. I feel like all the other kids are usually pretty good and since my ward is so small, church is usually quiet except for my kids. But I go every week and I go to all three meeting because I know it's important.

    1. The only way that I can relate to that is one Sunday I went up to bare my testimony and when I started walking away, Oliver started crying and yelling "mom, mommy, mom no" and continued the whole time I was talking. But I also thought it was kind of cute so I wasn't too embarrassed.