Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Magic

Like many of you out there I love Christmas! I love the Christmas music, the holiday feel, the food, the time with family and all of the fun Christmas decorations. So in my excitement I convinced my poor husband to help me decorate the house a little early this year. Oliver was so helpful hanging up ornaments on the tree and pulling things out of boxes. It was a fun night and made me all the more excited.

For the first little bit Oliver was good at not touching the tree, But our cat was a different story. Rex loves to go behind the tree and sleep in the corner, try and climb it or swat at the hanging ornaments. After a while Oliver decided he too wanted to climb behind the tree and be with his Rexy or play with the ornaments. We pull him away telling him that it's not okay, we distract him with toys, books and songs, we put him on our laps to be on time out, or just leave the room to play somewhere else. Our once pretty tree has become quite sad looking, the lights are starting to come loose and the tree has become slightly top heavy.

So I came up with a plan, I would wrap all of our presents and stack them up perfectly under the tree so that they could not climb under it any more. This amazing plan of mine worked for a bit but a few days ago he started to play with presents and now tries to unwrap them. I have not decided yet which one is worse but I can say that I think Oliver will love Christmas day when he can open all of the presents under the tree and I can't wait to take down the tree! If you have had this problem or something similar how did you solve it? Some moms have the coolest tricks and I have yet to learn them.

My mom and dad were so good at making Christmas so magical. My mom started listening to Christmas music around June or July and didn't stop until January. We would decorate our house the weekend after Thanksgiving. Go up the mountains to cut down our very own tree, thanks to our dad who would trudge up and down those hills with us kids searching for the perfect one and always getting it for us, especially the ones that he would have to climb up the tree to cut off the top. And even though we weren't the richest of families out there, my parents always made sure that we all had presents under the tree (and somehow we were opening presents all day). Oh and the food we would have, there was so many choices and oh so yummy!! We would play with our toys, put together puzzles, watch movies and play games. Now that I am the parent that is making the "magic" I can now see just how much work that must have been. I am so grateful for my loving parents who gave so much for me and my siblings. And I can only hope that Corey and I can be as good of parents one day. Good look to the parents that are making Christmas awesome for there kids!

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