Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Dreaded Chore

I have mentioned before that I am a stay at home mom. My day is full of tending to my son, cleaning the house and other such things and love it! But I have something that I hate to do, I do everything else before doing this one thing. I am sure that you guys have one too?! Mine is the dreaded DISHES!

The last place we lived had a dishwasher and it was so easy to just load it through out the day, run it after dinner and unload it in the morning. Making it very convenient to keep the kitchen clean.  Here we do not have the same luxury. I feel like I have to wash dishes all day to keep the kitchen clean. Or let the dishes build through out the day and wash them all after dinner which always takes so long. Lately I have found myself putting them off more and more and letting them build. 

So I do all sorts of things trying to procrastinate doing them (like blogging). I even now like folding laundry more then dishes and would do that all day to not wash dishes. When all else is done or when the counter is getting to cluttered with dishes, I then head into the kitchen to clean in there. I stack up the dishes, clean off the counters, wash the stove, sweep and mop all before I delve into the dishes. 

I don't know why I hate doing them so much and I wish I could just get over it and do them everyday and not let them build up little by little. I love cooking and even more so when the kitchen is clean. Which of course cooking makes more dirty dishes. It's a viscous cycle that I know I can't escape.  I need to come up with some type of routine or some way to stay more on top of them. The next place we live will have a dishwasher!

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  1. I like doing dishes. In fact, I have a dishwasher but I don't use it because it doesn't work very well. My rule I try to follow is to do the dishes right after a meal, no matter how few there are, That way the only time I have a ton to do is after an extensive dinner--and even then, I like to do dishes during the meal if I have time. I also try to not go to bed with dirty dishes (though I failed last night). In my experience, I hate dishes the most when there are lots of them.