Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year's Goal

New year's goal this year is to have a cleaner and more organized home. I love having a clean home but for some reason it doesn't happen very often. It's like I go in spurts or something, one day the house is clean and then the next it's dirty and it stays that way and builds up until I am like "okay, it's time to clean this house". Why can't I clean my house and keep it clean? I always list off reasons in my head when my house is dirty to make myself feel better like how i have a two year old, or how I don't have a dishwasher, or if I clean it will make me neglect other important things that i need to do that day. So I came up with a plan to make a once a week, six hour house clean up into an hour to hour-and-a-half house clean up each day...

First I made a list of all the rooms in my house and listed under each room what needs to be done to make it deep-cleaned and spotless. I also created a list of "other" things that  would need to be done like laundry and grocery shopping. I then decided to do something each day of the week, a "chore." Some days of the week have multiple things for that day, so i combined easier things together. So each day, i now have a room or two as a daily chore but what about the rest of the house? I need to have time to clean up all the messes made through out the day. Oh - and what about dishes?

I will have two 30 minute clean up times - one in the middle of the day right before or during my son's nap and then a second one right before and after my son goes to bed. Now the "right-befores" would be if vacuuming needs to be done. I try and have Ollie help clean up his toys so i don't normally count that into my time. I will if i am doing it alone. So that gives me an hour of clean up time and a daily deep clean chore each day. Now to me that seems doable, that gives me time to clean but doesn't make me have to do it all in one day, each day!!

I have a second list that has all the things that I want to organize from the small to the big that I have also thrown in to do biweekly. I think once I get those all done, I will repeat the list because I am sure they will need it again and again and again.

I have been doing this for one week so far and I am loving it!!! I have had people stop by to give me back borrowed stuff or drop off late Christmas presents, and I have not felt embarrassed by how my house looks or just talked to them in the door way but invited them into my home. We had some friends over for dinner and I didn't have to spend hours getting my house clean. Or when I cook dinner, I don't have to make space on the counter or was a dish needed to make dinner. Like I said, I am loving it!!!


  1. Sweet! Jason is always telling me I need to schedule my day out like this. I've never done it, but maybe I should try it out if it is working for you

  2. I especially love the idea about having scheduled cleanup times during the day. I often find myself stressing about the toys and clutter on the floor. What's wrong with that? The kids need to play. Maybe if I try having scheduled cleanup times I won't stress out about the clutter so much.

    1. That has always been a stressor for me. I felt like I was always cleaning and fighting a losing battle with my son over his toys. Now I let him play and then I clean up when I know they will last on the shelves longer than a minute. I control what I can and let Ollie be a two year old.